Kingwood Humble Atascocita Atheists

A local community of Atheists, Agnostics, and other non-believers in Northeast Houston

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Recent News

Still seeing strong growth. We're now one Page-like away from 80 on our Facebook page. We also just purchased a new advertisement on Facebook. It will run very shortly. The advertisment simply says, “Check out to our next social and meet local like-minded atheist, agnostic, and non-believing community members. Hope to see you there!” I've also get the next three meetups scheduled: Thursday July 21 at Ling's Buffet with night fun at Time Out Tavern, followed by Thursday August 4 at El Rancho with night fun at Hookah Lounge, Wednesday August 24 at V Bistro with night fun at Shamrocks Pub. Look forward to seeing a bunch of new faces at our upcomming events.

Things have been going great with the new website. The Kingwood Humble Atascocita Atheists's Facebook Page is now doing better than the KHA-Atheists group. We've got 72 Page Likes and we're climbing at a pretty sustainable and healthy rate. If you're at all interested in the group, I highly suggest you check us out and consider joining us on Facebook. Show support for your local community sign up with us on, or Like our page on Facebook.

We also have a new logo! Check it out on our Facebook Page, or The logo was created by Tim Tarnowski just for KHA-Atheists at no cost to the group. Thanks Tim!

Over the past two months one thing became clear: in order to sustain a faster rate of growth we need to rank better in the search engines, and better integrate with and Facebook. With that said, welcome to our new website. In the upcoming weeks I plan to import a directory from, Myspace, and Facebook for the Houston area that includes those

  • interested in non-belief
  • self-proclaimed/titled, (viz. atheists, agnostics)
  • members of KHA-Atheists
  • affiliated with secular groups around Houston

This directory will exclude any private information. It will associate you with your zip code if possible, and link you to a Google Map showing the region, not address, that you've been identified with. My goal in doing this is to debunk the myth that we're alone in the NE Houston area. I will build some sort of functionality, or provide an email link, to be removed from the directory.

Update I'd also like to explicitly come out and tackle the misinformation pertaining to Houston Atheists: none of their information will be used. The anonymity of Houston Atheists, and any other private organizations will obviously be excluded.