Kingwood Humble Atascocita Atheists

A local community of Atheists, Agnostics, and other non-believers in Northeast Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ For Non-Members

Can I attend if I'm not a Christian?
I believe there is a higher-power, can I attend?
I just enjoy metaphysics and philosophy, can I come?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to our meetings, Christians included. While we enjoy being in the company of like-minded individuals, we're united in non-belief because we're out working for recognition and de-stigmatization. To that end, we welcome anyone that doesn't have religious sensitives. If you come to our group, we're going to both support and be respectful to you.

What about agnostics, are we welcome?

Sure! We're all agnostics too: agnostic atheists; and, we've created a special YouTube video just for agnostics — like us — that are interested in checking out KHA-Atheists. Don't understand what we mean, or how it's possible? Check out our 5 minute YouTube video or this article which elegantly highlights the differences.

What does it cost to attend a social or meetup, or to become a member?

All socials hosted by the Kingwood Humble Atascocita Atheists are free of charge to members and non-members alike. This will never change. We plan on accepting private-donations for the purpose of advertising, but there is no cost to attend our meetings or socials. We won't pass out a collection plate. We don't have any paid staff. We don't have a brick-and-mortar location to maintain.

Can I donate, or sponsor the group?

Yes! Please, please contact Evan Carroll directly at Evan personally pays for all of the group-related expenses and he'd love whatever financial assistance that could be provided? Want to fund a Facebook ad campaigns, printer supplies, and other minor capital expenses that we incur.

FAQ for Members

What can I do for the group?
  • Sign up on our website at — this is a public group, you're under no pressure to use your real name. Pick a fun name if you're uncomfortable being associated with the group.

  • “Like” our Facebook Page. The link to our Facebook Page can be found at our website

    For the purposes of disclosure, if you don't want other people knowing you're an atheist: This will add the page under your “Likes” — you can't evade this. All Facebook Pages that are “Liked” show under your Actvities and Interests. This will also post to your Wall under “Recent Activity” that you “Liked” the group. You can delete this notice on Facebook by clicking the “X” near “Recent Activity” on your Wall.

  • RSVP to the events. Synergy is a fact of life: if people think we only have five members attending they'll be less inclined to come than if they think we're the social hub of the town. No one wants to be first, and no one wants to be alone. RSVPing is firstly desired on, it doesn't hurt to RSVP on Facebook too. If you can do both, that's awesome! If not, we'd prefer If that's too much to do, just do And, if you simply don't want to rsvp, just show up and we'll appreciate you all the same.

    RSVPing is not required! We'd always rather have people at the events without an RSVP than not at all.

  • Tell your open-minded friends! If you have friends that are agnostic or atheist tell them! If you have friends that like philosophy, politics, or intellectual conversation tell them! Feel good about coming here? Enjoy the community? Your friends might too. You won't be perceived as a zealous advocate for bending an ear once.

  • Share your ideas for further growth and organization. Have any comments on the group, or any ideas that could help us grow the group? Send us an email at